A native Oregonian, I was born and raised in Portland. After Vietnam and art school, I walked across the United States, retracing the Lewis and Clark trail to St. Louis, trading beads and tobacco, and painting small pictures of the American west along the way. In the 1970’s I took part in the Tuna Wars off South America helping the neighbors down south realize that impounding American boats came with a very high cost.
I have had a very interesting, colorful, and successful career in the Arts. Like my grandfather who painted the sets for “Gone with the Wind,” my paintings and designs have taken me all over the world, decorating high-end palaces, shopping malls, and facilities like Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, the High Desert Museum along with many hotel projects. I was the art director of one of the world’s largest toy companies and brought many of my kite and toy designs to the market place at the international level. One of my pieces was a flying kite, a tribute to Alexander Calder, which was very successful. It sold in the thousands. He loved it! I have painted murals in palaces and hotels along with doing psychological color designs for increased production and sales in companies in the West, the Mid-East to Africa, Panama, and soon in Ecuador. I have paintings and prints in many 
private collections throughout the world, including a number of works for the Catholic Church. I have lectured on art and Mid East history at different universities, colleges and schools around the world.  I teach occasionally in Jerusalem and Zafat, Israel, on the above subjects.
I work with most traditional art materials; lately I have been doing a lot of oil paintings using techniques from glazing to the pallet knife. I owned a union decorating company, painting murals for companies like Nabisco Corporation. In the past years, I have had experiences in many different coating systems within mural work. I will work on commission under special conditions. All my prints and paintings come with a full warranty signed and numbered and some times restoration is possible. I do retain all copyrights, reproductions are by written permission only.
My painting explores 55 years of wandering this beautiful planet! For me looking at one of my old painting is like putting on a perfume The kind you have not worn in a few years and looking at the pictures brings it all back. They are autobiographical and each tells a story from life.